What’s unnecessary is actually necessary in IT for a business


Today technology has made to everywhere, from  individual’s life to business, even pets are also somehow enjoying usefulness of technology.

Technology is all about making life easy and improving interactions between two.

In a business, technology is actively playing role in day to day processes. This has made life of a businessman and workers easy.

One of the basic examples is computers. As soon as computers became affordable by businesses, their efficiency got increased.

For a business who is online, internet itself is a big convenience for them. Internet and technologies related to it has made reach easier as well as is profiting also.

There are certain technologies which businesses are hesitating to opt. They might feel useless or not required on a certain point but they are actually useful in every stage for a business.

Some of the technologies are :

OTP Login: OTP login is a new method of authentication on a website. Similar to traditional login, it helps users or visitors to authenticate to a site. But there is a twist, OTP login uses a temporary pin code, 4 or 6 characters long . This OTP is sent on registered mobile number of the visitor.  

As soon as the visitor validates it, they will get authenticated to the site. It is a secure process because the code generally have expiration limit of 30 seconds to 3 minutes, depending upon user base geo location.

CRM Software: It is a software which covers a broad category of applications and software designed to help businesses manage customer data and customer interaction, access business information, automate sales, marketing and customer support and also manage employee, vendor and partner relationships.Typically it is used by big businesses but medium scale businesses can also use it. The best point with crm software that it has all the processes interlinked and the data too. So if a marketing guy wants to access inventory so as to compare it with sales results, it can directly look at inventory of a crm (with prior permission)

They are necessary for a business to have, it will increase productivity, security and sales for a Business.


Add Additional Layer Of Security With SSO:

I know you are very concerned about the security of your home. You also have spy cameras and alarms to keep an eye on burglars. You are also very concerned about all the passwords you have. And why not, they save your private resources from others. Passwords are the layer between the resources and the user, if entered wrong then the user is not permitted to access the resources. Therefore, passwords permit only the authorized users to access the services. It is very important to keep our data secure. If you have an online business, then keeping data of your users safe is must. So, as a business owner what are you doing to keep your users data secure and safe? If you still do not have any idea about what to do, don’t worry, you are at right place. In this article, I am going to explain about a technology called Single sign-on solution. The technology not only keeps users data safe but also improves their experience.

What is Single Sign-On?

Single sign-on or SSO, is an important solution that allows your users and customers to login to the multiple websites of your business using single set of credentials. This reduces the number of passwords to remember. Without SSO, users have different passwords for different websites. There are many advantages of SSO but first let me explain why the technology is secure and safe.

How SSO adds security?

I always keep the same credentials for many websites because creating and remembering different credentials for all the websites is not easy. Since sso reduces the number of passwords, now users need only one credential to remember. This results in creating a strong pair of username and password that is hard to crack.

The solution is also based on SAML(security assertion markup language). SAML completely follows XML standard that makes the solution secure. It behaves like a layer between the authorized user and the domain. Once the user enters his credentials then the detail is verified by local service provider and once it is verified, user gets the permission to access websites that are deployed with SSO. Thus, SSO solution is a very hard nut to crack.

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The Areas Where You Can Use Gifs:

Gifs or moving images are something that make the whole content interesting and attractive. They are short moving images completely different from the videos. They are very fast to load, take less storage space and drive traffic. So, they are great source for marketers to promote their products. Let’s see what are the areas where they can take advantages of these Gif images.

Area# 1

To illustrate products:

Marketers are trying their best to promote their products and make them brands. Every day they come up with a new and interesting way to make their products popular among customers and users. They publicized products using videos, long descriptions etc. But these methods are outdated. You have to try something new and gifs are in trend today. Try them to describe and illustrate your products in an interesting way instead of faded images.


To animate data:

Keeping data safe and easy to understand is very important for a business. No one likes boring data graphs and other details. So, make them special and interesting with these moving images called gifs.


To share pretty things:

As stated earlier, gifs make the content impressive and attractive. Suppose, you have something interesting content and want to share it on social media, then it is beneficial for you to add some gifs, to grab more eyes.


To offer a sneak peak:

There is no time for a user to sit back and watch the full description or videos. Gifs here help you out by representing the same content in a short-way. With gifs you can create an awesome teaser of your video. This further attracts users and viewers.

So, these are some of the regions where you can use gif animations to boost up more views and the content attractive.