SaaS based registration as a service: Boon to large websites

This era is dominated by internet and internet technologies. Most of the businesses today are running because of internet and role of customers also has been well defined here too.

Internet was never expected to evolve identities in a way which never had been expected and imagined.

Today identity is related to each and every aspect of internet.

Identities are result of user registration on a web property. Whenever someone registers, their identity is created on a web property and is unique. Different web properties can have similar credentials and totally depends upon user intent upon creating.

A registration services comes pre built with any website, which helps visitors and users authenticate.

If it comes prebuilt then why go for a SaaS based Registration as a Service platform (RaaS), it is quite a debatable topic.

Let’s take a pre-built registration. It is developed by same developer who develops a website. Resources used by are is shared resource which website is using.

Whereas SaaS based Registration as a Service is developed specifically  to provide registration service. Resources used for running this service is provided by RaaS provider and works in parallel with a website.

For large websites it is essential because of below reasons.

If a website has millions of users then definitely it is a popular website. More number of users means more customer data. It is hard to manage data on this level. It requires skilled team of developers in order to maintain and highend hardware additionally

Along with this, chances are that, due to heavy load authentication system can become unstable, breaking whole system.

These are some things which can jeopardize a big online business.

As a solution SaaS based RaaS is the best option because it is maintenance free from business end plus it also balances high server loads  due to heavy authentication. No additional hardware is to be maintained from client side.

Hence SaaS based registration as a service is a boon for large websites.