Increase customer satisfaction for your online business


Customer satisfaction is one of the key things which influences customers to take actions. It is the term used by marketers for analyzing how provided product or service meets customer expectations.

Why customer satisfaction is important?

Customer satisfaction is important because it’s an indicator of consumer purchase intentions. It also serves as important metric for defining customer loyalty towards a brand.

It helps in reducing customer churn, ie customers giving up on a website. With decrease in churn rate, increases the chances of customers referring it to others, hence increase in word of mouth. More world of mouth means more publicity.

Increased customer satisfaction opens up new dimension of publicity where businesses have to make minimal efforts so as to reach to new customers and increase sales.

How to increase customer satisfaction?

For satisfying customers, a business should know who are the ones using their services and what they want. Without knowing any details about customers, selling services won’t return any benefit.

So to know customers, surveys are one of the best options to gather data about customers. Surveys should include important and straight questions which users feel comfortable in answering to.
As alternative to surveys, registration forms can also be used as a host to collect information about visitors.

There are two ways businesses can get valuable information from their authentication page.

Progressive profiling: Progressive profiling is used with traditional registration forms. Traditional form has many empty fields to input data into. What progressive profiling does is it separates and serves fields in small bunch of fields and serves it to visitor upon signup.
It helps visitors fill up forms without getting tired, which they usually get while filling long forms. Upon logging-in next time, another bunch of fields are presented to visitor, and so on.

It is totally dependent on user to either fill them or skip it.

This helps in getting valuable information about customers which is by the customers.


Social login: Social login uses visitor’s social profile to authenticate to the site. Social media being a major part of everyone’s life, is considered as a source of information related to a person.


Social login along with customer insights, helps in revealing customer’s preferences, likes and other data points without infringing their privacy. Based on the insights, business can then create customer profiles and act upon.


Through above mentioned ways, businesses can get to know their customers first and according to their type, they can provide them services and make necessary changes. Providing relevant products will increase customer satisfaction.


How to provide seamless signup experience to your visitors


User experience is the key for any business or individual’s website to achieve conversions and sales. A good user experience always brings positivity from visitor’s end in the form of referrals and sales.

Completion of website goal starts from a positive user experience first, as it is the first thing they encounter before taking note about product or services.According to a study for web experience, a bad user experience will lead to 52% less engagement on a site.

This is how much a bad experience can affect website’s engagement and other factors related to engagement.

  One of the factors which one should concentrate on, and is very crucial for a website is the signup process. It may look like module which is often ignored but it is one of the many big reasons visitors switch to another site and abandon it permanently.

To make signup process a seamless process, here are few tips and implementations which can help in improving user experience on your website.

Social login is must for every website now. Almost everyone who uses internet is on social media now. Social login is one of the beneficial use of social media today. With the help of social login, visitors in few clicks can sign up easily by using their social profiles. Initially when authenticating via social media, it requires approval from social media platform to use that profile as login entity for our website.

Once it is approved, users just have to click on social platform to authenticate, condition being they are already logged in to that social media platform.

Progressive profiling is mainly for ecommerce sites and sites which requires specific details from customers and have long forms, so as to improve their product and provide personalized solutions to the customer. The concept can be used by other websites too where few data is required.

Progressive profiling involves requesting few pieces of information at a time, while signing-up. Left over information can be asked in steps further or after user log’s in every time.
Progressive profiling if done correctly, can help you increase conversion rates and lead accuracy by lowering the psychological barrier to form submission, all while keeping forms simple for a better overall user experience.

Sign-up experience should not be ignored as it will later be encountered by visitors while converting, and if experience is not good , it will have it’s own negative consequences.

happy customers

SSO: Manage Identities Securely In the Cloud

The term Identity has become one of the most important term for businesses nowadays. Businesses are investing a huge amount of money to drive identities from third-party data providers. But the data provided by such data providers is not accurate or may be fake. Fake and improper user data drive businesses in a wrong direction. So getting data from such organizations is not a healthy process, it is simply a waste of money. There are many other ways through which businesses can drive real first-party data. Social login, single sign-on etc. are some ways to get user’s real identity.

Okay, let’s assume you are able to drive user’s real identity but the next problem is where will you store it, on your system storage or you have other storage devices? Keeping data on system storage devices is not good from security point of view. It may be hacked or may be lost and if you have millions of users then it is impossible for businesses to manage their identities on such hardware systems. Single sign-on is a tool that helps businesses in such scenario.

Let’s explore how?

Single sign-on(or SSO is a technology that enables user to login to many websites of a business using single ID credentials. No matter from where your users are reaching up to you, SSO creates a unified persona of them and stores their identities on the cloud. That means all the data related to the users are stored in the cloud storage.Additionally, the method provides an extra layer of security by limiting the number of credentials to one. If a user has only one password to remember obviously he creates a strong one.

Therefore, single sign-on is a way to keep and manage user’s data and other related information safely on the cloud storage. The data stored using single sign-on is very hard to hack. This makes the system more beneficial for the businesses.


How SSO Helps Your Business

What number of records do you have that are used step by step? Moreover, how much of the time you ignore the answers of possibly a few them? For sure, you are not alone. With such an assortment of records with comparably problematic passwords, it is totally standard to ignore passwords however do you know the sum it costs to associations remembering the final objective to help their specialists to recover disregarded passwords? As demonstrated by the report of 2015, Volkswagen paid about €1 million in IT benefits each year to help laborers recoup neglected passwords. Bound together Single Sign-On can really help associations here by giving a lone check and accreditations to customers in order to get to various applications and resources guaranteed by the same business. There are various favorable circumstances brought together Single Sign-On Solution offers, some of them are underneath :

  • Inflicted significant damage saving :

As said above, disregarding passwords and sales for reset mystery key can cost associations a colossal total and the loss of benefit on account of the time spent. In this situation joined sso can help associations save money and time as the customer needs to remember just a lone course of action of accreditations and he/she can get to each one of the advantages gave by the association using the same.

  • Higher Security :

As indicated by the points of interest, a typical office laborer keeps up 15 passwords on an ordinary (individual and power) which manufactures the probability to use easy to review passwords or to store them at spots like word doc, sticky notes, et cetera. In the blink of an eye imagine this information be misunderstood in hands! Consolidated SSO gives a concentrated access which guarantees that if a customer is deactivated, his passageway to each and every other resource and applications is similarly deactivated.

  • Compact fuse :

With more people going compact to get the opportunity to web, giving the specialists the effortlessness to get to resources from mobile phones using single capabilities will save customers time and benefit. By including Single Sign on mobile phones will bring multi-variable approval thusly boosting security

  • Upgraded customer experience :

Bound together Single Sign-On obviously enhances customer experience as the laborers don’t need to recall various capabilities to get to different resources. Simply the single capability can be used have a steady get to realizing less disappointment.

Is it precise to say that you are using joined SSO for your business? Notice in comments why you do or why you don’t!



How to manage customer service department successfully

The quality of customer service you provide has become increasingly important in today’s competitive environment for nurturing customer loyalty. However, there are still a number of businesses and organizations that are not monitoring and managing proper customer service department to ensure the greatest level of customer satisfaction. It is essential for you to provide good and reliable service to customers because even a slight mistake can make or break your relationship. You need to use a comprehensive strategy for optimizing customer satisfaction and running your department successfully.

happy customers

Some of the steps that can help you in this endeavor are outlined below.

Establish a proper strategy

Bear in mind that a customer experience strategy is entirely different from your business ‘slogan’. There are certain practices that you need to implement such as understanding the overall organization mission and vision, defining the organization’s customer service slogan, direction, and values, ensuring customer service is defined as a key strategy for the business and use a comprehensive communications program for sharing the customer experience strategy with everyone.

Provide Seamless User Authentication

Suppose a situation where your employees need to login many websites of your business to complete a specific task. For that they have to create unique username and password for each. This not only waste their time on login but also increases the complexity. Businesses can avoid the situation by simply implementing Single Sign-On(SSO) solution. The technology allows their employees to login all the related websites only bu using single ID credential. This saves their time and for businesses the technology reduces IT support cost and increase productivity and sales.

Motivate your workforce

Once you have hired the right people, you still need to orient and adjust them in the organization’s customer service and relationship culture. Your employees need proper training for delivering exceptional service to your customers. You need to measure their performance levels and reinforce their skills using ongoing feedback and coaching. Recognize and appreciate your employees who do a good job and give them monetary and nonmonetary rewards.

Establish an effective process

Effective procedures and processes provide smooth and useful customer service to your clients. You need to eliminate any ‘speed bumps’ and ensure your agents can provide assistance to your customers in a timely basis. You can provide them with an efficient help desk software that can be used for resolving the common issues faced by customers in a simple and quick manner. This will enhance the quality of customer service you provide and help you in retaining customers.

Continuous improvement through feedback

Things can go wrong no matter how effective the software and how good the agents are. Products may have flaws and customers get frustrated. The best way to prevent them from happening again in the future is to obtain customer feedback and use it for making any adjustments or changes to your procedure. Train your employees so they are solving problems rather than just fixing the issues. Otherwise, the problem springs up again. You need to focus on proactive measures rather than reactive measures.

As long as you use these tips, you will be able to run a successful customer service department.