SEO tips for your business visibility


Search engine optimization is a group of techniques which helps in increasing website ranking on Search engine result page or SERP.Along with rankings, you will see boost in your business and leads.

Search engines keep on changing their ranking algorithms time to time so as to provide quality results. In order to save your website from penalties and pushing down the rankings, make sure to follow these steps which will be told in this post.

Social Signals

Today most of the marketers are using social media platforms to boost their content visibility.

Content on social media will gain more audience and interactions, leading to more social signals and traffic to website.  

There are so many businesses today which are leveraging social media and are ranking good in SERP. They have strong presence on social media which is helping them in getting good ranks in SERP.

Along with that if you have a blog on your site, you can add social share buttons to make your blog posts easily sharable on all your social media platforms.

Go Mobile

Today mobile are most used devices for accessing internet. Visitors are continuously in movement and interacting via different devices such as mobile, tablets and phablets etc.

Google has also considered it in its ranking factors, so it is now essential to make your website optimized for mobile.

If not planning to do, go through this official post from google.


Videos are best way users can stay engaged to a content. Creating good quality and engaging video will definately keep your audience engaged and will encourage them to share it further. It will lead to more backlinks and brand reach.

It will also directly or indirectly affect your rankings in SERP.

These are few tips related to SEO which can help you increase your brand visibility.


How to drive traffic using your social sharing buttons on your site


Social Media is the most powerful tool for promoting a brand today. People are well connected to each other today, even by living miles away.

Elements related to social media are helping businesses and individuals increase their reach and promote themselves.

Social sharing is one of the many ways that is helping businesses to utilize social media very efficiently.

Sharing on social media cause increase in referral traffic, without spending any dollar. By sharing on social media their customers/followers become a brand ambassador for them, which in return can drive more traffic and increase reputation for them.

This is the reason more and more businesses and website owners are embracing social sharing on their website.

For utilizing the power of social sharing buttons, below are some tips you can incorporate.

Sharing buttons near content:

The only reason someone will share is that they like it and want to share it with others. Others can be family members, friends, work mates etc.

By adding social sharing to relevant content can help reader/visitor to share it efficiently , hence increasing chances of greater returns per share.

Sharing buttons can be implemented on Blog Posts, Images, videos and documents, so that they can be shared directly to social media platforms.

Sharing buttons in Emails:

While sending Emails as part of subscription or Email marketing, you can include sharing buttons wherever possible. It will encourage subscribers to share links and content directly from their inbox.

It can work best for content like images because it will save their time and effort invested in copying/downloading image and then sending/uploading.

Sharing Buttons on mobile apps:

If you have an app which share similar purpose as your website (news, media, humor, etc.), sharing buttons are also necessary there.

Probability of engagement via sharing buttons increases on mobile app compared to website. This is because of the fact that mobile drive more engagement than desktops.

This is how you can drive traffic through social sharing buttons.


SaaS based registration as a service: Boon to large websites

This era is dominated by internet and internet technologies. Most of the businesses today are running because of internet and role of customers also has been well defined here too.

Internet was never expected to evolve identities in a way which never had been expected and imagined.

Today identity is related to each and every aspect of internet.

Identities are result of user registration on a web property. Whenever someone registers, their identity is created on a web property and is unique. Different web properties can have similar credentials and totally depends upon user intent upon creating.

A registration services comes pre built with any website, which helps visitors and users authenticate.

If it comes prebuilt then why go for a SaaS based Registration as a Service platform (RaaS), it is quite a debatable topic.

Let’s take a pre-built registration. It is developed by same developer who develops a website. Resources used by are is shared resource which website is using.

Whereas SaaS based Registration as a Service is developed specifically  to provide registration service. Resources used for running this service is provided by RaaS provider and works in parallel with a website.

For large websites it is essential because of below reasons.

If a website has millions of users then definitely it is a popular website. More number of users means more customer data. It is hard to manage data on this level. It requires skilled team of developers in order to maintain and highend hardware additionally

Along with this, chances are that, due to heavy load authentication system can become unstable, breaking whole system.

These are some things which can jeopardize a big online business.

As a solution SaaS based RaaS is the best option because it is maintenance free from business end plus it also balances high server loads  due to heavy authentication. No additional hardware is to be maintained from client side.

Hence SaaS based registration as a service is a boon for large websites.