SEO tips to increase your brand visibility


SEO is combination of techniques to increase your website ranking in search engines. It is more important these days and is a core part of marketing today.

It basically helps improve your brand visibility in searches and helps marketers in achieving goals related to a website.

SEO helps you drive traffic by increasing visibility in search, hence boosting business.


SEO is undoubtedly one of the best medium to drive traffic organically and increase rankings but somehow they get affected by dynamically changing ranking algorithms which change from time to time.

Search algorithm is volatile and is proved to affect rankings in both ways. To make sure you are affected positively, create good content and keep things structured so that navigation becomes easy for search bots as well as searchers.

Along with structure there are some evergreen factors and trends which are more likely to help your website stand still in algorithm flux.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors below.

Go Mobile: Yes it is true, mobile devices are serving more in terms of traffic and service compared to desktops.  Nearly 60 percent of the searches are made from mobile devices compared to desktops, making huge difference for marketers and webmasters in their strategies.

If your website is not mobile friendly or responsive, it will surely get abandoned by mobile visitors, hence down ranking of your page on mobile search.

Search engines are smart enough to determine relevant pages for mobile as well as desktops searchers and adjust rankings according to them.  

Become more social: Social networks are used to create awareness about a brand, promote engagement as well as serve customers. Google also considers signals from social media to rank and calculate reputation about a brand.

To increase reputation and visibility on social media you can use share buttons, social commenting to utilize power of social media.

More be the signals from social media, more you will be visible on social front and on search pages.

These are some SEO tips to increase your brand visibility.



Improve social score with the help of these tips


Scoring well on social media is the key to performance boost on search engines too. Along with search engines, it is also important for your reputation online, how your brand/website is seen on social front.

Social score is an hypothetical metric which tells how much popular a brand/website is and based on that metric, other analysis can be further created.

In this article we will discuss how we can improve your social score

Social Media Pages: In order to drive social traffic and engagement over your website, ad or landing page, it should be shared on social media and social media page can be the source for social media users to get to know about it.

According to niche, social media platform should be selected otherwise it may prove to be a waste of resources. For example a website/ business is about food, then there is no benefit in promoting it on Twitter where an average tweet lifespan is just 2 minutes.

Social sharing plugin:  if you have a blog, then sharing plugin is necessary for it. A sharing plugin shows social share buttons on blog posts, info-graphics and even on audio files, so that visitors/readers can share them on their social media profiles.

Responsive social sharing buttons are a great help for visitors browsing via mobile devices, as they adapt according to size of their device, providing them ease of sharing.

Chat Bots:They are a new trend nowadays. As the name suggests, they are bots which interact with anyone who messages you on your social media page. The replies are automated upon certain queries and are meant for making interaction easier and faster with the brand.

It is very beneficial for ordering services and customer service, where user can interact to automated suggestions and get their purpose fulfilled.

These are some tips which can help you improve your social score by provoking people to interact  with your content and providing them ease of use.



SEO tips for your business visibility


Search engine optimization is a group of techniques which helps in increasing website ranking on Search engine result page or SERP.Along with rankings, you will see boost in your business and leads.

Search engines keep on changing their ranking algorithms time to time so as to provide quality results. In order to save your website from penalties and pushing down the rankings, make sure to follow these steps which will be told in this post.

Social Signals

Today most of the marketers are using social media platforms to boost their content visibility.

Content on social media will gain more audience and interactions, leading to more social signals and traffic to website.  

There are so many businesses today which are leveraging social media and are ranking good in SERP. They have strong presence on social media which is helping them in getting good ranks in SERP.

Along with that if you have a blog on your site, you can add social share buttons to make your blog posts easily sharable on all your social media platforms.

Go Mobile

Today mobile are most used devices for accessing internet. Visitors are continuously in movement and interacting via different devices such as mobile, tablets and phablets etc.

Google has also considered it in its ranking factors, so it is now essential to make your website optimized for mobile.

If not planning to do, go through this official post from google.


Videos are best way users can stay engaged to a content. Creating good quality and engaging video will definately keep your audience engaged and will encourage them to share it further. It will lead to more backlinks and brand reach.

It will also directly or indirectly affect your rankings in SERP.

These are few tips related to SEO which can help you increase your brand visibility.