Improve social score with the help of these tips


Scoring well on social media is the key to performance boost on search engines too. Along with search engines, it is also important for your reputation online, how your brand/website is seen on social front.

Social score is an hypothetical metric which tells how much popular a brand/website is and based on that metric, other analysis can be further created.

In this article we will discuss how we can improve your social score

Social Media Pages: In order to drive social traffic and engagement over your website, ad or landing page, it should be shared on social media and social media page can be the source for social media users to get to know about it.

According to niche, social media platform should be selected otherwise it may prove to be a waste of resources. For example a website/ business is about food, then there is no benefit in promoting it on Twitter where an average tweet lifespan is just 2 minutes.

Social sharing plugin:  if you have a blog, then sharing plugin is necessary for it. A sharing plugin shows social share buttons on blog posts, info-graphics and even on audio files, so that visitors/readers can share them on their social media profiles.

Responsive social sharing buttons are a great help for visitors browsing via mobile devices, as they adapt according to size of their device, providing them ease of sharing.

Chat Bots:They are a new trend nowadays. As the name suggests, they are bots which interact with anyone who messages you on your social media page. The replies are automated upon certain queries and are meant for making interaction easier and faster with the brand.

It is very beneficial for ordering services and customer service, where user can interact to automated suggestions and get their purpose fulfilled.

These are some tips which can help you improve your social score by provoking people to interact  with your content and providing them ease of use.



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