How to have a Search engine friendly site in 2017


Having a website does not mean it will get ranked or get listed. There are certain other things search engines look for in a website. These other things help search engines rate your website as well as their presence ensures your site’s friendliness with search engines.

Here in this post I will explain some factors that will help your website become search engine friendly.

A mobile site: today almost 50 percent of internet users are accessing internet through mobile phones. This percentage clearly shouts need of mobile optimized website. Today Google is also considering mobile friendliness in its ranking factors.

It not only increases user friendliness but also drives good amount of traffic to the website.

Have a quality content:

Content is the king. It is backbone of any website running. Demand for unique and high quality content is always there to entice users, hence increasing traffic. Search engine bots crawl whole website and index it. After getting indexed relevance is calculated. More relevant the content is, more will be the chances of showing up in search page on some relevant keywords.

Further quality of content can be optimized by adding images, videos, audio and styling content. It is also important to separate content in paragraphs so that users can have ease of reading, hence decreasing bounce rates.

Social sharing Buttons: They are helpful in sharing content on social media efficiently. The more content is shared through your website via sharing buttons, more they will gain social signals.

Social media is great source of traffic and has potential to make things viral.  More number of shares means more exposure to audience which may increase traffic on your site.

More social signals means more relevant content which  people are liking, hence increasing chances of ranking higher in search engine result page.

This is how you can have a search engine friendly site.


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