Methods to convert social media traffic into leads


If you are getting enough social media traffic and want to convert them into leads, this article is for you.

For this let us first look at how a lead is generated. Many times when we think of generating leads in social media, we look at the content we are posting and neglect to look at the other elements around, which directly or indirectly touches user.

Every update or share about a new blog post has three steps to drive lead generation process. First the status update or share, second the blog post and third, the landing page.
Each one of these has a unique and distinct role in the process and offers a unique opportunity to optimize lead conversion.

The conversion flow is as follows. First the status update or share, then the Blog post and lastly the landing page.

As soon as visitor reaches the page there are several other elements which can be helpful in converting traffic into leads.

  • Offer email subscription:
    Offering an email subscription allows you to keep your subscribers updated with your latest blog posts, making easy lead generation process via email.
  • RELEVANT call to action on blog posts:
    Not every blog post is written with same intent. Do include relevant CTA in your blogpost so as to get maximum conversions. Some common CTA’s include Download, contact, Go to etc.

  • Advertise yourself: Traditionally content creators leave spaces on websites so as to get third party advertisement. One can use that space for advertising themselves, using their own posts or product banners. The benefit of it is that when someone from social media visits website they will see your own promotion, which increase chances of conversion.

These are some of the methods to convert social media traffic into leads.

PS: if you are looking to increase social media friendliness on your site for increasing social traffic, do include these plugins in your site.

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