Single Sign-On Authentication: Its Role and Working Method

The increasing number of websites and resources that we need to access on daily basis, leads to the rise of a single sign-on solution. From last few years, the solution is serving as one of the best methods for websites authentication. It makes the complex and long authentication process simple and quick. Earlier users have to spend lots of their time in just authenticating websites and other resources. But now with a single sign-on solution(SSO), they can authenticate in just few seconds with one click of the mouse.

SSO, a technology that enables users to access all the resources and applications that fall under the same roof using one common username and password. Users only need to authenticate a website and they will get access to other without authenticating again on them.

Let’s understand the concept with the help of an example.

Suppose, there are two websites (say A and B) of a business. To perform some specific task, users need to login to both of them. No doubt, login to both will cost lots of their time. Here, single sign-on can solve the problem. If websites are deployed with SSO solution, by login to website A, users will automatically logged in to website B without providing any credentials again.

Different protocols using in SSO:

I hope now you understood the concept of SSO, now it is the time to know what are the different protocols associated with SSO. SAML(Security Assertion Mark up Language) is one of the most used SSO protocol. Some other protocols are Facebook Connect, OpenID connect, Microsoft account etc. The basic concept of authentication of all the protocols is same.

With the advancement of technology, the role of a single sign-on solution increases more. Businesses with multiple resources are deploying the solution at an alarming rate. The solution reduces authentication time, saves users from remembering passwords because one password is enough for multiple resources thus saves businesses from extra cost of support help-desk cost. But one of the most important roles of the solution is, it improves user experience. The solution simply manages increasing numbers of credentials and accounts across an ecosystem.


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