Increase customer satisfaction for your online business


Customer satisfaction is one of the key things which influences customers to take actions. It is the term used by marketers for analyzing how provided product or service meets customer expectations.

Why customer satisfaction is important?

Customer satisfaction is important because it’s an indicator of consumer purchase intentions. It also serves as important metric for defining customer loyalty towards a brand.

It helps in reducing customer churn, ie customers giving up on a website. With decrease in churn rate, increases the chances of customers referring it to others, hence increase in word of mouth. More world of mouth means more publicity.

Increased customer satisfaction opens up new dimension of publicity where businesses have to make minimal efforts so as to reach to new customers and increase sales.

How to increase customer satisfaction?

For satisfying customers, a business should know who are the ones using their services and what they want. Without knowing any details about customers, selling services won’t return any benefit.

So to know customers, surveys are one of the best options to gather data about customers. Surveys should include important and straight questions which users feel comfortable in answering to.
As alternative to surveys, registration forms can also be used as a host to collect information about visitors.

There are two ways businesses can get valuable information from their authentication page.

Progressive profiling: Progressive profiling is used with traditional registration forms. Traditional form has many empty fields to input data into. What progressive profiling does is it separates and serves fields in small bunch of fields and serves it to visitor upon signup.
It helps visitors fill up forms without getting tired, which they usually get while filling long forms. Upon logging-in next time, another bunch of fields are presented to visitor, and so on.

It is totally dependent on user to either fill them or skip it.

This helps in getting valuable information about customers which is by the customers.


Social login: Social login uses visitor’s social profile to authenticate to the site. Social media being a major part of everyone’s life, is considered as a source of information related to a person.


Social login along with customer insights, helps in revealing customer’s preferences, likes and other data points without infringing their privacy. Based on the insights, business can then create customer profiles and act upon.


Through above mentioned ways, businesses can get to know their customers first and according to their type, they can provide them services and make necessary changes. Providing relevant products will increase customer satisfaction.


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