How to provide seamless signup experience to your visitors


User experience is the key for any business or individual’s website to achieve conversions and sales. A good user experience always brings positivity from visitor’s end in the form of referrals and sales.

Completion of website goal starts from a positive user experience first, as it is the first thing they encounter before taking note about product or services.According to a study for web experience, a bad user experience will lead to 52% less engagement on a site.

This is how much a bad experience can affect website’s engagement and other factors related to engagement.

  One of the factors which one should concentrate on, and is very crucial for a website is the signup process. It may look like module which is often ignored but it is one of the many big reasons visitors switch to another site and abandon it permanently.

To make signup process a seamless process, here are few tips and implementations which can help in improving user experience on your website.

Social login is must for every website now. Almost everyone who uses internet is on social media now. Social login is one of the beneficial use of social media today. With the help of social login, visitors in few clicks can sign up easily by using their social profiles. Initially when authenticating via social media, it requires approval from social media platform to use that profile as login entity for our website.

Once it is approved, users just have to click on social platform to authenticate, condition being they are already logged in to that social media platform.

Progressive profiling is mainly for ecommerce sites and sites which requires specific details from customers and have long forms, so as to improve their product and provide personalized solutions to the customer. The concept can be used by other websites too where few data is required.

Progressive profiling involves requesting few pieces of information at a time, while signing-up. Left over information can be asked in steps further or after user log’s in every time.
Progressive profiling if done correctly, can help you increase conversion rates and lead accuracy by lowering the psychological barrier to form submission, all while keeping forms simple for a better overall user experience.

Sign-up experience should not be ignored as it will later be encountered by visitors while converting, and if experience is not good , it will have it’s own negative consequences.


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