Methods to share a content online and on social media

Content sharing is an integral part of content marketing as well as SEO. Sharing of content increases content reach. Increase in content reach increases traffic to website which is of high quality. High quality traffic simply means traffic which is relevant to your niche, traffic which can be benefited from.

Sharing also adds up to reputation in web. If someone is planning to become an influencer, it is must for them to learn hot to efficiently deliver their content online.

Let us discuss some methods which can help you share your content efficiently:

First and foremost requirement is of social sharing buttons in your website. Without sharing buttons, sharing content becomes hard for customers. They have to manually copy and paste every content in order to share it on their social media profile.

Visitors will likely to leave your site if they find something hindering user experience such as absence of social share buttons.

Second is infographic. Infographic is a very creative way of converting a long text to a beautiful graphical representation. Chart out some bullet points and put them into graphics. There are many online tools available for creating infographic online like canva . Infographic can be shared on social media as well as on web also. There are many image sharing sites which host every type of image with lots of active users per day.

Third is forums. Forums can become very rich source of traffic, if niche is very popular. Sharing knowledge, experiences in form of posts or images can make it share further, increasing content’s reach.

Forum is also a place to show your contributions to your community. Participate in Q&A’s, start new discussions or help members selflessly.

Opting for these suggestions not only help you in increasing your content reach on internet and on social media, but also increases your reputation as a person.


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