Perfect Companies for Recent Graduates:

Just graduated and looking for a job? Well, graduating and heading into the working has always been challenging.  Applying for jobs, emailing resume, giving interviews etc. are stressful processes. Recently, LinkedIn, the giant social media platform for professional examined the LinkedIn profiles of millions of users and after some research, they came up with a list of some top companies that are hiring at entry level for most popular positions. Here I want to share the list with you.

  1. Deloitte
  2. EY
  3. PwC
  4. Amazon
  5. Oracle
  6. Accenture
  7. Target
  8. JPMorgan Chase
  9. Insight Global
  10. Lockheed Martin

Deloitte, EYC and PwC are the top companies that hire the most recent graduates. All these companies are located at multiple places across the globe and always looking for fresh graduates. So, if you have done graduation in finance then these companies are the best options for you.

Hey! Don’t worry IT graduates, for you guys, Amazon and Oracle have great path for hiring young minds into the workforce. Not only Amazon or Oracle, all tech companies always seek new creatives to join their team.

No doubt, these are some big names. Working in such companies is like a dream come true especially for fresh graduates. But if one wants to learn everything, by everything I mean the complete working of a business then he must join a startup company. There are is a lot to learn in a startup company from hiring candidates to the role of  General Manager, CEO and CTO etc. Vancouver, Bangalore, Silicon Valley etc, are some most preferred places to set up a startup. I would also like to add the list of IT startup companies in Vancouver. Check out the list.

  1. LoginRadius
  2. Hootsuite
  3. CogniLab
  4. Trulioo
  5. QuickMobile
  6. EventBase
  7. Axiom Zen
  8. Unbounce
  9. Wishpond
  10. LemonStand
  11. RadWare

So, friends, these are some IT startup companies where you can grow your career by learning some new each day.


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