What’s new for Social Media Next Year

Predicting something isn’t just seeing statistics and deciding what will happen and what will not. It requires deep understanding of the entity for which it is predicted. What had gone wrong in past may turnout right this time.

Social Media is a huge platform for connecting people, connecting businesses with people and Businesses to Businesses. Many businesses are based on social media interactions for their sales and services.

As we look forward to new year, certain obvious trends seem to continue next year. For social media marketers these trends can be important, until and unless they chose to completely neglect these trends because of irrelevancy.

Reactions: Reactions can be seen as alternatives to emoticons. They are funny like emojis but are more expressive compared to traditional emojis. Though responses to reactions is quite poor but still there is a ray of hope with ongoing rnd and slow adoptions rate. Perfect way to use Reactions is  to pair up with social sharing buttons to crosscheck with engagement and emotions generated.

Stories: Stories feature was firstly introduced by Snapchat in its app. Stories are 60 second videos which are one time view only. Whenever you tap on someone’s stories you can view its stories but you cannot save it .

Recently Instagram adopted this feature in its app. In Instagram you will have option to allow and not allow people from people to see your stories.

Live Streaming: Live stream previously was popular as users had convience to watch TV on internet, but it was limited to entertainment only but now with internet at its maximum transformation stage, people can now livestream themselves.

Moments by Facebook can be used to livestream to everyone on Facebook. Meerkat, Periscope are other apps supporting live streaming.

These are some predictions which can carry forward to new year and can impact a lot.


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