Self review is necessary


Moving to a new era, methodologies, tactics and technologies have changes, compared to previous times. One of the best thing happened is with every change, associated factors and entities adapted those changes very smoothly.

Taking example of a Identity management Platform,  which was new to many businesses.

The first business to adopt a IAM was at risk of whether adoption may cause instability , incompatibility with other entities or add ons and it did.

Lack of features and support with other technologies made it quite hard to adopt but as the time continued, advancements and improvements began hitting and incompatibilities and support problems became history.

One of the features of a IAM is “Data push”, which allows it to provide data to other applications, like an CRM.

In it’s its inception there was no such feature, but with mutual support between technologies, it became possible.

With advancements in every field, impacts hit every process in every business. From big to small impacts, it shared its influence on every level.

Looking back and looking towards what has changed, has made self review necessary.

Why Self review is necessary?

A self review is necessary because of many factors.
No one knows what has been left or what are the hit points the change has affected.

It is obvious of any business to have pro’s and con’s because of change.

Taking example of mass document printers, their adoption has decreased because of awareness of cloud document storage and sharing. Accessibility of documents whenever you need them as convenience that too digitally has decreased usage of papers in offices.

Only important documents like confidential files, agreement papers etc are printed out as hard copy proof.  Going paperless not only contributed towards going green but helped businesses save some bucks over prints and papers.

No-one can escalate how this adoption has changed on hit points until and unless they do a self analysis of changes on every checkpoint, from RnD to Production.

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