5 Techniques to Boost Social Shares

Do you check number of shares and retweets on your post every day? Of course, it is necessary for digital marketers to analyze the number of social shares. And when the number are worse or low or zero, it is natural to feel demotivated.

One should not feel shame in admitting that.

Instead of feeling ashamed, you have to think why your content is not getting enough shares, as you expected? Why your blog post is not capable of attracting traffic?

Here I will help you in improving the number of social share of your blog post with the following five easy techniques.


  • Make post easy to find:


Most of the bloggers think that only posting on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. is enough to get attention and reader base. But what about the readers who are not in your network? How will they find you? What about those who contact you only via email?

The solution is you need to include social media profiles in your email signature. The method helps readers to find your post easily.


  • Make it quick and easy to share:


Including social sharing buttons along with your blog post is a great option. It enables readers to share a blog post in just a single click of the mouse. If they can’t find social share buttons, then you have lost a social share.


  • Choose social media platforms wisely:


Adding too many social media platforms blindly is not a healthy process. You have to figure out which social media platforms yield the best results and drive more social engagement and shares.


  • Identify readers choice:


It is very important to know your readers, what they like to read and what are their preferences? Then write content accordingly. If you write content that your readers want then it is sure that they will also share it also with their social networks.


  • Check functionality of your social sharing buttons on mobile:


Around 52.7 percent people worldwide are accessing the internet through their mobile phones. The number is huge, so you need to check out the functionality of social sharing buttons on your mobile phones as well.  Go to your website using a mobile phone and check each button one by one.

What do you do to improve your social shares? Let me know in the comments.

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