3 Ways to Make WordPress Website Social Media Friendly

No business can ignore social media to promote their product online. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr etc. can help you spread your word online about your company and products. Social media is a platform that not only helps you to get your brand in front of many people but also improves your website ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

social friendly website

Here are some crucial ways that will help your WordPress website to get success on social media.

  • Create Amazing Content

If you really want to stand out from the crowd then you must have a content on your website that has the wow factor. If you have extremely great content than the probability of getting liked and shared by the readers increases. There needs to be a reason that makes people share your content with others and this happens only if you have a great content.

content is king

  • Provide Social Sharing

You have great and very attractive content and people like it too. They wish to share your content with their social media friends. But they don’t find the right way to do so. There are no sharing buttons on your website. Thus, the reader decides to leave the idea of sharing your content and you lose an opportunity to be in front of new readers and customers.

Therefore, always make your content easy to share. But the question is how?

Here is the solution! Try WordPress social sharing plugins. These social sharing buttons help your readers to share your content quickly. You can try floating social media buttons also.


  • Make your Title Eyecatching

Have you ever noticed that you have clicked on an article just because you like the title of that article? In my case, it happened many times. The title is the most important part of the content. If you have great content but don’t have an appropriate title than the chances of getting your content to read become low. People look your content and if they find it not interesting then they don’t go further to read your content, no matter how good it is. Thus, chose a title that is interesting and attractive.

So friends by following these three easy and effective ways will definitely help you to make your WordPress website more social media  friendly.


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