3 Best Related Post Plugins for WordPress

The more of your content your audience read, the more likely they are to become your valuable customer. And more likely to share your articles on social media. Here the question arises, ‘How you can make users read more and share your content?’

Top quality content is one of the solutions. But only having good content is not enough to make users share your content.Maybe users like your content but they don’t share it with others just because they found it very difficult to share your content.

Here in this article, I am going to explain 3 most important WordPress plugins that will help you to improve the content of your blog and also boost sharing.

  • Jetpack



Jetpack is a free WordPress plugin. It simplifies managing visitors stats, security services, and helps you to get more traffic. It also protects your website from unauthorized logins. It includes many features like custom CSS, contact forms, galleries and much more that helps you to customize your site. With the help of Jetpack, it is easier to manage multiple self-hosted WordPress site from one location.

  • Social Sharing Widgetssocial sharing widgets


Social sharing widgets are one of the most powerful sharing plugins. Adding social sharing widgets to your website is usually a quick and effective way to promote page views. It helps your user to share and distribute your content across the web with the help of various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

  • Yuzo


In the online world, speed matters the most. Yuzo is considered as the one of the fastest WordPress plugin ever used. It is a free and very lightweight plugin. It allows users to customize the text in many ways, fonts and colours etc. One of the most important characteristics of Yuzo is that it can display a visit counter next to each counter.

All of the plugins that explained above will definitely help you to make your content more readable and make users to share it with others through their social media networks. If you have any important plugins, let make me know in the comments below.


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