Major Tweeter changes that will affect your social media strategy

Twitter is an online social networking website that enables users to read and send short messages of characters up to 140. These small messages are called “Tweets”. Users can also share contents on Twitter .

But there is a good news for all those who are not able to share their details through tweets because of 140 word limit. Twitter is planning to change policy to expand the character limit from 140 to 10000 characters.

One of the founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey opened up avenues of changes late last year. Soon after taking over, the CEO announced the launch of  ‘Moments’ that allows to combine group of tweets on a specific topic.

twitter moments

Twitter recently took an advanced step into the field of eCommerce by adding ‘buy now’ button. This feature enable users to buy products directly on the platform from the merchandisers who are selling their products on social platforms. The idea of customer service was long ago introduced by the Twitter by stating that 80 percent of total customer requests on social platform are happening on Twitter.

Twitter is also planning to change the feature ‘reverse chronological order of tweets’. That means whoever tweets first is last in the tweet list shown on your twitter feed, could change in future. Twitter has already introduced a unique feature ‘while you were away’. It shares the top tweets from account you follow.

One of the introduced feature of Twitter is ‘Twitter Cards’. This has been helping businesses to spread the word on their business by adding images, videos, download link alongside with 140 characters.The main aim of this feature is to get attention to plain text that is appearing in the tweets.

Though these are initial reports, there are lot more to find out. No one knows how these changes are going to affect users. But one thing is sure, every user should be ready for the more changes, the twitter platform in nearby future.

Let me know what are your views and how it will going to affect you? Will this attract more users on Twitter or it is diminishing core principle of Twitter?


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