Here's Why You Should Create Your Website On Wordpress!

Here’s Why You Should Create Your Website On WordPress!

Whether you are starting up with creating an attractive website for your business or not happy with your current website, WordPress is the best solution for you! WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs around the web thanks to its easy to use and ready to customize features!

Here's Why You Should Create Your Website On WordPress!

In this article I am going to present you some reasons why WordPress is perfect to bring your website :

1. It is not going anywhere anytime soon!

WordPress is highly popular both among bloggers as well as businesses, here are the stats that prove my point:

  • As of January 2015, 23.3% of the top million websites used WordPress.
  • As the most famous blogging platform, WordPress was used by more than 60 million websites. (Source)

Looking at these stats, I am sure you do understand that WordPress is not going anywhere anytime soon thanks to its amazing features.

2. It is open source!

WordPress is open source which means you can make endless modifications here. While using WordPress, you have the complete control over your website. Apart from that, it is free too! Just imagine how much it will cost you to design a CMS that does all the functions that WordPress does? WordPress is definitely your best friend when you are tight on budget.

3. WordPress is easy to setup and manage!

One thing I love about WordPress that it is very easy to setup and manage. You don’t need technology experts to learn using it. You can easily post content, make design changes and what not! Ease to use is what makes WordPress popular among the businesses.

4. It is not just for blogging!

Few years back, when anyone used to mention WordPress, the first thing that used to strike in mind is the blogging but the situation is no longer the same. Though started as a blogging platform, over the years WordPress has evolved as a whole content management system. Of Course you can still use it for blogging, but apart for that you can also create a whole new website here.

5. WordPress is SEO friendly!

And the Good News, WordPress is optimized for search engines. SEO, the term most of us have both love and hate relationship with, play an important role in the success of every business. WordPress has well written code and allows you to publish content easily making it easy to rank your website and get higher traffic.

So, ready to start on WordPress? WordPress is highly efficient CMS all over the world with its easy to use features and search engine friendly. Apart from that plugins like WordPress Social Sharing, Yoast, etc help you to make the best out of it.


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